Enjoy the beauty of Matcha tea with its varied range of tea blends

Organic tea is becoming more and more popular day by day. Many people who were addicted to tea have preferred it over the traditional tea. Matcha tea is one of the companies serving high quality of exotic organic tea. These types of tea are the non-caffeinated beverages which are brewed with the help of herbs and spices. The company provides finest tea leaves grown in an organic farm on the mountainside.

The leaves are not the traditional type of leaves which come in tea bags rather it is a loose leaf. The loose leaf or more commonly called as the whole leaf produces a better quality of a cup of tea as compared to the tea bags. It is due to the fact that the tea bags contain the dusts of the leaves which are prepared by crushing the tea leaves. The dusts produce a quicker brew because of the presence of larger heat exchange area for evaporation of the essential oils. These oils are necessary for the aroma and taste of the tea.

But in the loose leaf the leaves have tendency to expand and allow the hot water to pass through it. This hot water enters the leaves and extracts flavors, medicinal extracts and amazing aromas. These Organic Matchaleaves are of very high quality and they can be used even more than once. These tea leaves can be used by various tools such as teapot infuser where you can place the leaf in the pot and allow it to infuse with the hot water. You can also use a strainer by pouring the brewed tea over it before serving it in cup. There are also other equipments such as mesh balls, clamp or strainer spoons which can be used to prepare the prasanetea.