Hillary memes: another Controversial Issue in Internet

What is called memes?
These are simply funny pictures or mimicry of the celebrities. You can take the example of Hillary Memes (Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton), the renowned person in world politics.

Different types of cartoons
Cartoons can be different types based on the concept, text, material, etc. They are as follows:
• Political Cartoon: It is based on real life political character and events.
• Editorial cartoons: it is based on someone’s point of view or opinion about some events happening around. It is pictures as well as word.
• Panel cartoon or comic and Gag cartoons: It is one panel and based upon day to day events but with a little spice. A punch line will generally be there. Examples of this kind are,
 The Far Side
 Family Circus
• Comic Strips: You will find them in newspapers and magazines. It includes more than one panel. Drawings and speech bubbles are also there. The characters will appear on a regular basis. Comic books can be an example of this type.
Trump Cartoons – Example of political cartoons:
Trump cartoons related to US President Donald Trump, the most renowned person throughout the world.
There are some other types you can find. They are as follows:
• Reality cartoon: It is mainly reality based cartoon, or in other words, it is related to real life and events.
• Fantasy Cartoon: It is not at all connected with reality. The purpose is to make fun.
• Text based cartoon: Here not only the picture but also the caption or the message will demonstrate the location of the event or the subject.
• Image based cartoons: Here image is a necessary component.
• Animated cartoon: This type of cartoon is used in cinema, television and computer screen. It involves a sequence of drawings. They are commercial, educational and personal in nature.
Political memes are really popular on the internet. It is because people are curious about them. Trump memes are one of the perfect examples of it.