Some of the common lies about at home STD test

First of all you must know the lies told to you about STD. then only you will understand how you would be prevented from it. Here is the list below will prove that these are lies.
• You are not going to be STD patient by doing phone sex / oral sex like anything what causes std is transferred from males to females by physical sex between them which is not possible while doing oral sex. And you are quite familiar that while doing sex you must use condoms to get protected from STD.

• You are infected you will get to know it is a lie which is the most dangerous lies we tell ourselves as well as our partners. And as we don’t know about us similarly we don’t know about our partners also. The best way to know if you are infected or not is get tested at home std tests.
• Std Will not infect the people of same group like we may sometimes says that we will get affected by it because we lives near a good atmosphere and with good people this is a lied conversation we do. Because we all are sexually active, and anyone who is sexually meeting new people many times can get std. so get tested yourselves to find you are infected or not.
• Doing sex in bathtub of hot water will prevent you from getting infected is a nice myth but keep in mind no chlorine water of pool or bathtub is able to prevent you from getting infected. Sometimes condoms of good quality also break in hot water.
• Using plastic instead of condoms will prevent you from std. this is quite a cheap mentality peoples have that plastic does the same as that of condoms. No other thing can work same as that of condoms so does use condoms and if you have used plastics before get at home STD test.
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