Why womens footy betting is psychological

For people getting started with womens footy betting, one thing they should always keep in mind when placing bets is that regardless of how well they have planned their bets, no wager is a sure wager. There is always uncertainty in sports games and it is this uncertainty that created bookmakers. If there was no uncertainty in these games, womens footy betting markets would ever exist. AFLW betting can be completely unpredictable due to many reasons and the primary contributor is the ball, which is generally oddly shaped and does not bounce on the playing turf as expected.
In a typical season, it is common to find the least favorite teams at the beginning of the season overtaking the favorite teams or winning them in their H2H encounters. While it may seem safe to wager on the favorite teams and the whole wager would be profitable if a punter won, the wager will basically stay with a bookmaker because of such uncertainty. Another reality of womens footy betting is psychological. In other words, the available odds for any given betting market, which is taken from all markets, are exactly what they are for one good reason: bookies know what those odds are all about. For a punter, the only way of beating them is through luck.
While typical punters will take the shortest womens footy odds just to try and beat them, this may not happen because bookies know what those odds are all about. Similarly, taking the longest odds won’t beat them too. Bookies always pay winning bets with all the money they have collected from the many people who have lost their wagers by backing the favorite teams. When these two factors are kept in mind, the uncertainty that exists in womens footy and bookie advantage make it difficult for people to win consistently or for bookies to lose all their money.