Zookaware: main causes of your computer running slow

There are so many reasons behind slow down your computer rather than the myths. Myths say an old computer or only because of virus affect computers to freeze or became slow. Optimizing computer with speed up software like zookaware or some antivirus to get back the speed can help you but to speed up your PC, you need to know the reason of slow down your PC other than a virus.

1. Space on your computer: if your computer is full in space then this is a major reason for slow downing your PC. You need to have at least more than of 10% free space on the hard drive from the total space of the hard drive, or else your computer will work slowly.
2. Too many cache files: surfing internet can cause slower PC. The internet history and the cache files download automatically whenever you download anything to capture a lot of space to your hard drive. Installing speed up software like Zookaware can help you to get rid of these cache files.
3. Zookaware reviews: The messy desktop: the desktop is there for navigate your computer files and not because of the store all the files on the desktop. If your computer desktop is not clear and full of files than that will run your computer slowly.
4. Windows update files: you may not know this, that windows update itself for approx. every week or so to get those new features and updates. Whenever it updates there saves some uninstall files on the disk, and they usually are in big sizes. These uninstall files also leads to slow down the PC.
5. Many unused programs: unused programs that installed once and never used also affect the speed of your computer. All those programs are connected with your operating system, so the more programs you have, the more the operating system will work and the more it will make your computer slow.
6. Disk fragmentation: fragmented disk can cause slower read and write a functionto your computer if you don’t defragment them by yourself or by software like zookaware.